Warning- nerd alert.

I like to think of myself as an artist. Not in the traditional canvas and paint style but an artist in my own way. I love to create practical pieces that express my interests, mainly those interests relating to the Sci- fi world.

DR Who.

I have only been a Dr Who fan in the last couple of years. I must confess that I was once heard to be spouting that I didn’t like Dr who….. Mind you at that time I had never actually watched an episode and didn’t like it purely because others did. Yep who will ever to work out the strange minds of young teens? Now after I have been properly educated I quite enjoy Dr Who, to the point of been obsessive (dare to talk while a new episode is on and you may lose a limb)

The Tardis bag.

I feel compelled to explain why it is on the side. Simply the Tardis is longer than it is wide and if I had turned it the right way up I would have ended up with a long narrow impractical style bag or had to squash it down and the dimensions would have been all wrong. So, it’s on its side.


The shoes are now in the back of my wardrobe the souls are worn thin and the paint has faded. They were dam cool at the time tho. I painted then using fabric paints.


Quilt number one, this was the first large quilt I have made, it took around three months to complete. The thing quite big, about a king size. I made it for my man and it gets used while people watch TV.


The quilt was an idea I had for a while. I wanted something interesting and as I had already made a Tardis I went for one of my other obsessions. The back is a message in a basic Atlantis dialect.




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