Strange happenings

For the last two days I have ventured into an unfamiliar world, one that has no allergy restrictions or intolerance’s. In short I used “normal” ingredients in my backing, and what a disaster that turned out to be!

I had the apparent misguided idea that my food would turn out that much better if I used things like regular flour and actual butter. These are the things I observed.

1. Regular flour looks like somebody has captured soft fluffy clouds and sucked all the moisture out, so smooth light (opposed to gluten free flour that closely resembles ground up chalk with little brown flakes throughout).

2. Butter is hard and very oily.

3. Cream not only tastes unpleasant but also reacts strangely.

For example I wasted a bottle of cream and around 1KG of good chocolate in the attempt to make a simple Ganache. I never really think about how to make the rich dark chocolaty goodness that is Ganache, this time however using milk chocolate and cream all I ended up with was brown goo that started to separate and become slick with oil.

At the end of a good four hours I ended up with six edible cupcakes, and another dozen that are destined for the rubbish bin. I also washed three loads of dishes! On a normal day dishes really don’t bother me, today it was a mound of impending doom that sat there and mocked me.

In conclusion, I will not give up on the foreign ingredients but as far as Ganache is concerned I will continue to make it lactose free. I have never had a complaint my Ganache is not authentic!

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