I have been busy working out a pattern for the wraith costume.
Here is what I have done for the bodice so far.

I started with a paper pattern made from the images I have found and by replaying the scenes from stargate over and over…..


I am pleased with this pattern, it needs a few adjustments but fits fairly well. The main thing to do is increase the arm inner seam, if I’m going to wear it all day I want it to have a little more room for movability’s sake.

I have a week to myself in the evenings at least, so I hope to have the skirt draft done and the bodice redone by Friday!

The queen inside


As a child we had a box of dress ups to play with. I loved putting on mums old dresses or children’s fairy costumes. Experiencing the joy of pretending you were grown up and been somebody else. I guess some of us move on and grow up, leaving out imaginings to a time were it was deemed appropriate. I however have yet to relinquish my love of dressing up as somebody else. luckily for me their is a whole group of adults out there that share my enthusiasm. On occasion we meet up and share our love of the unusual and show off our own creations. This blessed event is know as comic con, or in my case Armageddon.

I have wanted to go to this event since a customer of mine was sporting a hat that had the symbol of the serpent guard. ( the snake symbol worn by teal’c in Stargate SG1.

I have gone through my favourite characters from all the best shows and have decided to embark on a journey to transform myself in to a female wraith. Not just any wraith but a queen!

This one from season 2 “The Hive”

I find her clothing the best out of all the queens. Most of the male wraith have small differences in their attire and facial hair, tho they are fairly uniform in general. The queens however all have unique styles and the biggest difference is the dresses. Some are harsh and sharp while others flow and are quite beautiful, considering they suck the life out of people…..Most of the queens are featured in black leather (makes them look bad ass) the exception to the rule is the first wraith featured, and she was more if a watch dog clothed in a strange t- shirt dress( tho she had wicked hair) and later on when the wraith and Atlantans have somewhat peaceful relations over chemical warfare…..

Any way this one is my favourite because it’s so feminine and sexy yet still looks terrifying. The sleeves are amazing and would pass for a medieval (human) queen