I have been busy working out a pattern for the wraith costume.
Here is what I have done for the bodice so far.

I started with a paper pattern made from the images I have found and by replaying the scenes from stargate over and over…..


I am pleased with this pattern, it needs a few adjustments but fits fairly well. The main thing to do is increase the arm inner seam, if I’m going to wear it all day I want it to have a little more room for movability’s sake.

I have a week to myself in the evenings at least, so I hope to have the skirt draft done and the bodice redone by Friday!

One thought on “Beginnings

  1. This is looking great so far! By all means, join us over on Wraith Never Ending and sport your Wraith Queen costume! It’s for Wraith costumers/cosplayers. :)
    Can’t wait to see it when it’s finished.

    ~Lady B

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