The light at the send of the tunnel

Progress on the costume had been continuing at a slow rate, but once I sourced some decently priced material a lot of work has been done.
The fabric I ended up getting was from England, even with the added costs of postage per Meter it ended up about $8, rather then the $25 per m my local shop was charging. Thank goodness for the Internet!

I was expecting the material would be a pain to sew,but I found it was actually quite workable.
The dress/ coat is not an exact replica. Some of the detailing I would have liked to have done was just far too time consuming. I am happy with the result, and that’s she main thing for me.

The large overlapping collar has been giving me some grief, it just won’t stay up! It’s so heavy that it just continues to fall down. ( pinned it up on the mannequin) dam gravity is getting in the way!
I don’t know if the original has some structure that you can’t see or the is some boning holding it all in place. Mine however will just have to be a bit droopy. I have a fairly long wig so I hope that will cover up the majority of the problem.


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