Jupiter flowers continued


Update on the flowers.
I have been continuing with fiddling around with the flowers and I have found a pattern and style that seems to be adequate.
They are still a little small and lack the petal definition of the originals.



I am having difficulties sourcing the thin style feathers seen in some of the flowers on the back of the dress. Or rather I am not prepared to pay the price of the ones I have found. My initial resolution was to keep too my normal cosplay budget of $100. That is not looking likely at this stage unfortunately.


Jupiter Ascending


I am currently working on my latest cosplay.
The wedding dress from Jupiter Ascending

I have found a few people who are currently in the production process of recreating the dress some of these have been very helpful in visuals and tips.
Here nergilien
Here aurelia
Here Nikitalachance
Make up:

It is interesting to see what people focus on, some are very particular about stone placement and accuracy in fabric.
What I find interesting is the flowers, so far I haven’t come across a creation that is portraying the flowers “accurately”.
I have no intention of offending my fellow cosplayers who have undertaken this mammoth dress and used purchased flowers. ┬áHave been wanting to learn to make fabric flowers for a while and this project is a good way to give me the motivation to do so. I didn’t intend to recreate very tiny flower, but just the larger ones. Its all down to personal preference.


When I see the dress I think the flowers wade the most outstanding feature. Focussing in these will first also give some the time to source the dress fabrics and figure out what to do about those troublesome red 3D printed chips.



My grand ideas of perfect flowers faded quickly as I realised the extent of how complicated these flowers can be. They have been created by combing the work of
Katherine Wardropper And Angel Armor
These fantastic Women specialise in the art of textiles and their skills are well beyond my own.
They are hand cut with many layers and made from damask silk.
Silk alone is not cheep starting at $25 a meter. The fabric uses in the costume has silver thread woven into the fabric and is right up there in price range.
These are a sample of the costume flowers
I have experimented with various alternative fabrics but have settled on a Faux silk made from nylon. It is extremely heat sensitive and melts at the drop of a hat.i am aware that my flowers are not yet a exact replica, but this will improve with practice and time.
My experimenting flowers.

My sample of my current flowers

No More

Billie Piper

Last year I did a Cosplay from Doctor Who 50th anniversary.

” The Moment” portrayed by Billie Piper
The character is a interface for a weapon designed by the “Time Lords”.

The costume itself is fairly simple with a rugged weatherd appearance.
The weapon itself is the more detailed and time consuming aspect to recreate.

For the dress I sourced the original designer and purchased a copy off eBay for a deal.
The vest is not the exact replica but a close approximation as the original was far beyond my price range.


The box I created over a few months.
It was my first attempt at recreating a prop, it was a interesting and somewhat frustrating process.
And I now sits proudly displayed on my shelf.

Here is a link to what the prop looks like from all sides:

Stephan a friend of mine cosplayed the “other doctor”.

Armageddon 2014 Dr Who 50th costume
Armageddon 2014
Dr Who 50th costume