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Last year I did a Cosplay from Doctor Who 50th anniversary.

” The Moment” portrayed by Billie Piper
The character is a interface for a weapon designed by the “Time Lords”.

The costume itself is fairly simple with a rugged weatherd appearance.
The weapon itself is the more detailed and time consuming aspect to recreate.

For the dress I sourced the original designer and purchased a copy off eBay for a deal.
The vest is not the exact replica but a close approximation as the original was far beyond my price range.


The box I created over a few months.
It was my first attempt at recreating a prop, it was a interesting and somewhat frustrating process.
And I now sits proudly displayed on my shelf.

Here is a link to what the prop looks like from all sides:

Stephan a friend of mine cosplayed the “other doctor”.

Armageddon 2014 Dr Who 50th costume
Armageddon 2014
Dr Who 50th costume


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