Dress construction


I would like to point out that the fabric is beige/ light tan. The original dress IS NOT WHITE! Frankly the fact that their are so many white recreations bothers me.
Markovna Kunis has a beautiful olive completion and stark white would stand out far too much! ( don’t mind my little rant)

I am not a big fan of using pre made patterns, if I can figure out how to construct the dress without one I see that as a win.

I started of with 8M of cheep fabric and just draped, snipped and pinned until I came up with an appropriate likeness. The pattern needs further adjustments (the torso needs lengthening ), I left ALOT of fabric at the bottom as I haven’t made the hidden structure that will be supporting the dress.

I am (not very patently) waiting for the DVD to be released,so I can study the movement of the skirts. Hopefully helping me to ascertain what type of supports are under there. A cage crinoline is the obvious choice but I suspect the original has a more sophisticated structure.

I have decided to be less fussy over the fabric. I live in a small country town and there are only a limited amount of options. We do have a spotlight but it’s 3/4 other junk and only has a smallish fabric section. I could make a day trip down to the bustling city of Melbourne but this dress is running me enough money without the added travel. I have found this lace like fabric (it’s actually a curtain) the pattern is too large compared to the original but I think if I can get a nice sturdy underlay it will work out.