Aerial Costume

In July I participated in the Physipole studios in house Aerial competition. It’s not cosplay as such but I drew inspiration from the costuming worn by Emilie autumn. I used the song “fight like a girl” as the track to the performance.
I ended up taking first place in the initial heats and third place in the finals. There is some thing awesome about been awarded a sash, Perhaps it’s a girl thing.


The song I used


The costume is made from scraps of lace fabrics, similar to a doily dress. The idea was to look feminine without the in convenient of a flowing costume while performing arial tricks. I also took modesty as an important consideration, you don’t want anything falling out as you spin and toss yourself around in the air!

The dress is actually a basic singlet top with a 1/2 handkerchief skirt around the back. To make the costume I simply draped and sewed fabric around the bodice aria. Overlapping the lace in sections to create a random design. I was happy with the outcome, however it did run the risk of the costume not been recognised by the judges. That been the case I lost marks for costuming as they where not aware of the reference. I have learnt to chose a more main stream theme in the future.

1st place
1st place, round one
Aerial 3rd place
Receiving 3rd place in the finals
Aerial hoop
The only non blurry back view of the costume I have.














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