Nerf mod 2.0


Now you have your NERF spruced up on the inside, draw your attention to the outer. NERFS are traditionally in bright lurid, oranges, yellows and blues, reflecting there 70’s origins. It’s hard to take your opponent seriously however when the weapon aimed at you looks like a creation of a hyped up 7 year old. To insure that you really induce the appropriate respect and fear, the only options are to use it as a club… or artistically commonage your NERF in a layer of paint. Again here are some amazing examples.



And mine

Emmalie-kate Nerf Mod

What you will need

  • Grey spray paint (undercoat)
  • Additional colour depending on your design
  • Screw driver
  • Masking tape
  • Newspaper
  • Sand paper
  • Small paint brush
  • Some little buttons, knobs, est. to add detail( optional)
  • Plastic glue( optional)



You want your paint to adhere properly to the plastic, just buying any old spray paint won’t work and after a few goes your hard work will start to rub or flake away. That doesn’t mean you have to go out and get mega expensive pain, just read the labels carefully and chose paints that are designed for plastic. I used grey as an under coat because it shows up colours well and when you roughen up the paint later the grey underneath will look more authentic.

There are a few paints that will add a little more detail, for example

  • Hammered Effect paint, (I used this one made the NERF look more like well used metal)
  • Stone Effect
  • Chrome Effect
  • Metallic Effect
  • Frosted Effect
  • Glow in the dark, (this I must try)
  • Glitter, perhaps for a girly effect…..or not


Note: It’s very easy to go overboard and spray the paint on too thick, this gunk’s up the mechanisms and can cause jamming.

Lets go,

  1. Using a screw driver disassemble your gun, if you’re having trouble see the last post.
  2. Sanding is a very important step, creating a rough surface ensures the pain will adhere properly. Don’t be tempted to do a half assed job, yes it’s boring but harden sunshine up and do it right! Basically what you want is to have no shinny surfaces, this included the NERF logo, don’t worry it won’t come off unless your sandpaper is too rough.
  3. Wash the pieces. After sanding small particles can cling to the plastic these little particles can affect the paints ability to bond to the plastic. Dry it off with a rag.
  4. If you have decided to add a few unique touches for increased detail glue them on now.
  5. Using your prime paint spray a light coat over all the pieces, it’s ok if small sections of colour can still be seen. Give the paint at least a good 20 min to set properly, re spraying it to soon can cause the colours to bleed in to one another.
  6. Chose your first colour, tape up all the sections that you don’t want to be painted just yet. Again spray a light covering making sure the sides get an even coverage. Again let this dry.
  7. Take off the tape, and now cover the sections you just painted leaving the remaining grey arias exposed. Keep covering and spraying until you reach your desired design, (once again keeping in mind spraying the paint on too thick, this gunk’s up the mechanisms and can cause jamming)
  • You can add further detain using a brush or sand paper.
    Brush – This can be used to paint fiddly individual knobs or added extras.
  • Sand paper – I find a perfectly painted gun looks odd. If you gently use the sand paper to roughen up small sections it will make the gun look aged and scratched, like it has seen many wars.
  • Flat head screwdrivers are also effective for smaller details.

    8. Finally reassemble your gun. Now you are fully prepared for battle, good luck.








N.E.R.F – Non- Expanding Recreational Foam

The humble NERF gun is foam based weaponry, designed by the Parker Brothers. The guns shoot small projectiles in the form of foam darts. These darts come in a variety of forms most commonly they have a black body and a bright orange cap, or alternatively a small suction cap.

NERFs have been kicking around since the seventies (hence the bright colours), but have recently gained popularity particularly in people ages 10-35. Unlike most toys aimed at children the NERF has quite a big adult following. Upon taking a survey of 20 something year olds in my neck of the woods the popularity has two major contributors.

  1. They are a cheaper alternative to popular hobbies such as paint ball or Laser games. A single Paint ball session can easily cost $150, a Maverick style NERF costs $10-15.
  2. The second but no less important reason is that because of their fairly simple components and plastic frames the guns can be easily taken apart and modified.

Modifications to a NERF can be as simple as cutting away a few knobs of plastic and adjusting a spring to the more advanced modifications with the battery operated kinds. Some of the more interesting modifications involve painting the outside of the gun, these also vary greatly from the simple black spray paint job to more advanced modes like the ones below.




I myself have only recently discovered the entertaining value of the toy. Brought up with a “guns are bad” parental view I considered myself too mature for the children’s toy, until one was placed in my unknowing hands…… Needless to say I was hooked after my first little foam dart hit the vulnerable backside of my fellow man. Now the owner of several, I was intrigued by the new designs popping up on the internet. My first mod is as below.

Emmalie-kate Nerf Mod

Emmalie-kate Nerf Mod


Here is a little tutorial for those like myself just getting started. I would like to point out that the NERF has a written warning on the side against tampering with the gun, you may advance at you own peril.

Important tips:

  1. Each component you wish to glue or paint on to needs to be well sanded, this helps the paint to adhere properly and will give it a longer life.
  2. Don’t over paint, if you use to thick paint the mechanisms will seize up, no matter how awesome your NERF my look it’s useless if it can’t fight!
  3. An obvious but important step in to have a container to put all those small springs and inner pieces, many guns have gone to their grave over a small missing spring.

This mod is for a Maverick, this will increase your fire power and extend barrel for quicker reloading.

  1. Flip your NERF over to where there are visible screws, unscrew theses. To release the slide, make sure the screws are all out then carefully take off the slide. Under the slide is an extra screw, this too needs to be undone.
  2. Open up the body, some will come apart easily and others will need a bit of coaxing. If you are having trouble a flat head screw driver can be used to pry it open.
  3. Looking at the image below:
    1. The barrel this will easily slip out in one big piece. Just set it aside for the moment.
    2. This small longish spring is part of the slide mechanism, remove screw and spring put them aside in your container (it’s not strictly necessary but it can be annoying as it gets in the way).
    3. The spring and air chamber need to be taken out, they are not connected so don’t worry if they came apart.
    4. This little guy has a important spring at the base, put the orange ring like section with the spring in your container


4. Have a good look at your barrel at the business end there will be a grey plastic disk of sorts, this is one of the discs that hold the barrel in place while reloading. There will be a grey knob like piece, this keeps your barrel from fully extending during reloading, using a Stanley knife cut off the offending knob.


Tip: If you find it difficult to cut the knobs of in one go try instead to gradually shave little bits of like if you were slicing cheese.

5. flipping the barrel over you can see three cogs on the back grey piece, the middle one should also be cut off, be careful on this part the barrel can turn easily and you don’t want to have the knife in your palm instead of in the plastic.

6. Inside one half of the gun you can see yet another knob cut away this one also.

7. Now to increase you fire power, this step will put more pressure on the spring and cause the dart to fly out faster and further.

Glue or tape three 5c coins together. Place theses at the back of the spring.

Tip: These are in reference to Australian currency, any coins that are approximately the same size at the end of the spring will do. Coins that are smaller or more then 3mm bigger will not work. If you don’t have anything suitable two flat buttons or similar shaped objects will work just as well.

8. Reassemble your gun going backwards in steps, (eg 3,2,1) do not replace the slide. Take your time doing this as all components need to be in there correct positions. You may find the barrel tricky to keep in place, that’s normal just keep trying.

When all the screws are in the sides have a look at the gap were the slide normally fits, you need to thread the end of the spring with the rod (as seen in picture).

Reattach the second half or the side replace the last three screws and you’re done!